Driveway & Concrete Cleaning Service Wellington

Captain Splash is your specialist for concrete and driveway cleaning in Wellington. With our treatment we clean and protect your concrete path or driveway from algae and debris.

Our low pressure concrete treatment ensures that no damage will be caused to your driveway and makes the concrete last longer.

What is Concrete & Driveway cleaning?

Concrete paths and driveways can get slippery from algae, overgrown by moss and stained from dirt and other factors.

With our specialised concrete treatment we effectively clean your driveway from all debris and help minimise regrowth while ensuring a minimal environmental impact.

Why should you clean your concrete paths and driveways?

Debris, plants and dirt can permanently damage concrete paths, car parks and driveways. It is important to regularly clean and treat concrete floors to maintain them and prevent damage.

Are you thinking of selling in Wellington? A clean driveway will leave a positive impression on the buyer and showcase the level of maintenance the property has received.

If you want to improve the appearance and maintenance to sell your property, you might want to consider our roof cleaning service too.

How Captain Splash will help you retain your property’s value!

Cleaning concrete paths and driveways is a strenuous and time consuming task. The wrong treatment can even damage and deteriorate the concrete. Especially high-pressure cleaning is a known hazard.

Captain Splash uses a low pressure cleaning approach with a selection of environmentally and concrete friendly chemicals when needed.