What is power washing/water blasting/pressure washing?

Pressure washing is the use of a high pressure jet of water to clean a surface. It can be done cold or hot, the former being the most common. It is very easy to damage a surface with pressure washing, so it is crucial to use the correct pressure and technique when performing this operation.

Why your deck could benefit from a power wash

Decks become slippery over time as algae and bacteria form biofilms on the surface of the timber and grow into the outer fibres. Timber also tends to silver or fade with exposure to UV, making it look grey or washed out. An effective way to deal with both is by pressure washing, as it removes a thin layer of the infected or faded wood fibres along with any algae or mould that is growing on the surface.

Freshly cleaned timber is not slippery and has a much brighter colour to it. We usually recommend to our clients to either stain or paint the cleaned deck or timber structure. Alternatively, the natural look can be kept and maintained with a periodic spray to prevent mould and algae growth.


How Captain Splash will clean your deck

We prefer to give timber a soak down prior to pressure washing, as this will allow for a slightly lower pressure to be used. Once this is done, we pressure wash with the grain of the wood to prevent splintering or damage. Handling a pressure washing gun with smooth motions ensures that there are no unsightly marks where the trigger has been let go. We aim to get decks and timber looking great with no signs that pressure cleaning has been used.