What is Gutter Cleaning?

Gutter cleaning is the removal of debris from the inside of rainwater gutters on buildings. This could just be the removal of a few plants, or vacuuming out the entire gutter system.

Why is it necessary keep your gutters clean?

Backed up gutters or blocked down pipes can result in water flowing over the back of the gutter against the facia boards or onto other surfaces not designed to handle large volumes of water. In rare instances, if left unattended, water can enter the roof cavity and run over the inside of the soffits and down walls.

Overloaded gutters will sag over time, causing water to pool permanently in certain parts. At this point, the gutter will drain poorly, if at all, and regularly overflow onto undesired areas. It is more time and cost effective to simply maintain your gutters and avoid having to carry out premature repairs.


How Captain Splash will clean your gutter

There are a few different approaches to cleaning a gutter which we select depending on the circumstances. For grit, sediments and decomposed materials settled on the bottom, we opt for a vacuum unit capable of sucking up this kind of debris. This method allows us to clean up to three storeys high from the ground.

Plants can develop significant root systems in gutters, making them too heavy to suck up with a vacuum unit. In these instances, it is more effective for us to simply get on a ladder, or the roof, and manually remove plants from gutters.