What are Low Pressure House & Building Washes?

Low pressure washes, also referred to as softwashing, is the process of washing a building by spraying it down with a light chemical solution that does the cleaning work, this is then rinsed off with fresh water. This process is significantly reduces or simply prevents any of the damage that might occur from pressure washing.

Why is it necessary keep building exteriors clean?

ne of the main reasons we do this sort of work is to maintain the appearance of houses and buildings, whether it the the presentation of an office or gym, or the preparation of a house for sale.

The reason that may save you money, is to maintain the paintwork of your house or building. Lichen and black mould can cause a lot of damage to paint coatings. If these are removed and kept from developing on the paint, it can mean the coating will last another couple of years, sometimes more, before it will need to be repainted. 


How Captain Splash Will Clean Your House or Building

There are a few different approaches to cleaning a gutter which we select depending on the circumstances. For grit, sediments and decomposed materials settled on the bottom, we opt for a vacuum unit capable of sucking up this kind of debris. This method allows us to clean up to three storeys high from the ground.

Plants can develop significant root systems in gutters, making them too heavy to suck up with a vacuum unit. In these instances, it is more effective for us to simply get on a ladder, or the roof, and manually remove plants from gutters.