Building and house washing

Clean and protect your house with our specialised low pressure treatment.

Remove Debris

Captain Splash is your specialist for exterior house washing in Wellington. With our treatment we clean and protect your house and property from algae, lichen, moss etc.

Avoid Damage

Removing lichen, moss and other plants from your properties exterior helps avoid damage caused by these plants. Our building washing will help retain your properties value.

Increase Value

A well maintained and clean property does not only look appealing if your selling. Exterior cleaning also extends your property’s lifespan and therefore increases it’s value.

What is Low Pressure House & Building Washing?

Low pressure washes, also referred to as softwashing, is the process of washing a building by spraying it down with a light chemical solution that does the cleaning work, this is then rinsed off with fresh water. This process is significantly reduces or simply prevents any of the damage that might occur from pressure washing.

Exterior house cleaning is nowadays done by softwashing the building. A common mistake of home owners or DIY solutions is the use of high pressure cleaning that will damage the house exterior and reduce the durability and longevity of the materials.

How does Softwashing increase the value of my property?

Softwashes are the state of the art of exterior house cleaning. Exterior cleaning services that use high pressure washing can significantly damage the materials and the property. Softwashes use a gentle chemical solution to remove any unwanted algae, lichen and moss and don’t require pressure to remove the debris but is being rinsed off instead.

Why is it necessary keep building exteriors clean?

One of the main reasons we do this sort of work is to maintain the appearance of houses and buildings, whether it the the presentation of an office or gym, or the preparation of a house for sale.

Private property cleanings are as important as commercial building washing, as it not only maintains the appearance but also prevents damage, retains the properties value and even saves money in the long trem.

The reason that may save you money, is to maintain the paintwork of your house or building. Lichen and black mould can cause a lot of damage to paint coatings. If these are removed and kept from developing on the paint, it can mean the coating will last another couple of years, sometimes more, before it will need to be repainted. 

How Captain Splash Will Clean Your House or Building

There are a few different approaches to executing an exterior house wash which we select depending on the circumstances. A softwash is the most common used method as it avoids damage to the property.

We also offer a wide range of services to cover almost all your exterior cleaning needs. Ask us about our roof cleaning services when discussing your house wash needs.

We would love to hear about your property to give you an individual quote for your building or house wash.