How to clean the exterior of your house

Avoid damaging your property and get the best results with these simple tips.

Cleaning the exterior of a house is not only important for cosmetic reasons; Cleaning means removing lichen, moss and stains and therefore preventing damage to the property.
A well maintained house does not only look better but also increases in value.

Washing exterior walls before painting

Apart from general maintenance and appearance, painting is often a reason for property owners to consider a good house wash.

Removing any lichen, moss, dirt and stains is highly recommended before applying paint to. the outside walls. Only then will the paint cover and protect the property appropriately.

  1. Sweep away cobwebs, leaves and dirt
    Avoid spreading dirt over the walls by removing any dry pollution such as cobwebs, dust and dirt. Use a broom or a brush.
  2. Brush with mild detergent
    Dilute a mild detergent that is suitable for your walls material and existing paint in water. Use a brush to remove any dirt and stains. Alternatively use a low pressure cleaning system.
  3. Rinse with water
    Rinse the exterior walls with clean water to remove any dirt and detergent.
  4. Let dry
    Make sure to let your properties exterior dry before applying paint to the walls.

Washing wooden exterior walls

When cleaning wooden exterior walls a gentle washing approach is highly recommended. It will avoid damage to the paint and the wood itself. A common mistake is to use a high pressure washer which can result in paint flaking off and even the wood being damaged.

Best practice for cleaning wooden exterior walls is to use mild detergent or suitable chemicals to remove mildew and dirt and rinse with a garden hose. For best results hire a low pressure exterior cleaning service.

  1. Brush the walls to remove most dirt and dust
  2. Use a sponge or rug and mild detergent
    Dilute a mild detergent or chemical solution that is suitable for your walls and paint. Scrub the walls thoroughly. Alternatively hire a low pressure cleaner.
  3. Rinse with clear water
    Rinse the exterior walls with clean water to remove any dirt and detergent.

Cleaning exterior brick walls

Cleaning exterior brick walls seems to be straight forward task. But brick can be porous and the sealed joints are vulnerable to high water pressure.

While wooden exterior walls can often be scrubbed with a brush or a sponge, brick walls are usually too rough to do so. Many house owners use high pressure devices to clean brick and risk damage to the walls.

The best approach is to use a low pressure cleaner and a specialised detergent that is gentle on the brickwork and the joints.

Cleaning stucco

Special care is needed when cleaning stucco. It is often a different material to the rest of the building and may be more vulnerable than brick or wood. We advice to start cleaning stucco in a less visible spot to assure the detergent and material are compatible.

Once again: avoid high pressure cleaning and hand wash or low pressure wash whenever possible.

Clean exterior walls without pressure washer

In most cases it is best practice to clean exterior walls without pressure washer. While they may be suitable for other tasks, cleaning walls is much safer with the right detergent and a low pressure cleaning approach.

Scrubbing walls with a sponge or rug takes a long time and can be quite challenging especially when reaching difficult or higher spots.

A much better solution is to use a low pressure cleaner and specialised detergent. It makes it a lot less time consuming and easier to evenly clean your exterior walls without missing a spot.

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