Roof Cleaning Wellington

Clean and protect your house with our specialised low pressure roof cleaning treatment.

Remove Moss & Lichen

Moss and Lichen cause a serious threat to the longevity of roofs. Our specialised roof treatment removes moss and lichen without causing damage to the roof.

Prevent Damage

Captain Splash’s roof cleaning service uses softwashing and low pressure to be gentle on the materials and maintain your property.

Increase Value

Roof cleaning contributes to a building’s appearance and maintenance. It will increase your property’s appeal when selling and increase the longevity of your roof.

Roof Cleaning Service in Wellington

Your home’s roof endures a lot: moss, lichen, algae and mould build up throughout the year and cause deterioration that can lead to problems later on. Adding many extra years of life to your house by maintaining your roof is so cheap to do, you’d be mad not to.

If you are selling your house, a thorough roof cleaning will improve your property’s appeal and present potential buyers with a well looked after house. Our roof cleaning services are available in the entire Wellington Region, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua.

Remove moss, lichen, algae and mould

Wellington is known for its changeable weather. Lots of rain and high humidity create a perfect climate for moss, lichen, algae and mould to thrive on your roof. Cleaning it regularly is therefore a no-brainer.

You may also want to consider our gutter cleaning service while we’re up there.

Retain your properties value

Moss, lichen, algae and mold damage the coating of your roof which leads to problems later on. Killing and removing lichen on your roof by spraying them will give your roof many extra years of life.

A clean roof adds to the curb side appeal. Whether you are selling your house or retain it’s value, cleaning the roof helps maintain the property and prevents costly repairs.

Professional roof cleaning with a gentle approach

While you can clean and maintain your roof yourself, there are many advantages of hiring a professional roof cleaner in Wellington.

Our process includes the use of selected gentle chemicals for spraying lichen, that don’t damage the coating of your roof. Instead of high pressure cleaning, we use a low pressure cleaning approach that prevents damage to tiles and coating.